Croozer Si-u00e8ge b-u00e9b-u00e9 pour Kid -u00e0 partir de 2014, stone grey-/colored

Croozer Siu00e8ge bu00e9bu00e9 pour Kid u00e0 partir de 2014, stone grey/colored

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In the comfortable Croozer Ba Seat, your ba can ride with you in a back-friendly, reclining position. Safety first: the sides are extra high, and the Ba Seat is mounted with tension between the frame tubes. The Ba Seat also has its own harness system for fast and easy installation. It comes with a removable head pad for additional support.

Who can use the Ba Seat?

The Ba Seat is intended for use with infants between approx. four weeks and 10 months of age who are unable to sit
upright unassisted. The Ba Seat cannot be used for infants with a height of more than 75 cm (29½ inches) or a weight of more than 10 kg (22 lb).

How should the Ba Seat be used?
This Ba Seat is intended for private use for carrying infants and can only be used with the child trailers Croozer Kid Plus for 1, Croozer Kid for 1, Croozer Kid Plus for 2 and Croozer Kid for 2, model years 2014 and newer. The instructions and safety guidelines provided in this manual must be followed at all times. The Ba Seat must be properly installed to professional standards. The one-seater trailer can only be used with one Ba Seat. The two-seater trailer can be used with two Ba Seats. It is also possible to use the two-seater trailer with one Ba Seat and a second child who is able to sit upright unassisted. The Ba Seat can only be used with the Croozer Kid Plus and Croozer Kid on smooth, wellsurfaced roads and paths.

In what cases is the use of the Ba Seat strictly prohibited?
The Ba Seat may not be used in other Croozer models or in child trailers from other manufacturers because these other trailers lack the required attachment sites. Never transport animals or cargo together with children. The Ba Seat may not be used with Croozer models manufactuered prior to 2014. The use of the Ba Seat in the following situations is strictly prohibited: riding on unsurfaced roads or paths, commercial use, overloading or exceeding the maximum weight and height of the infant, the use of an improperly installed or damaged/defective Ba Seat or use in a child trailer that has been involved in an accident. Furthermore, certain children may not be permitted to use the Ba Seat for medical reasons. Croozer GmbH will not be liable for any damages resulting from non-compliance with these requirements.

Simple Adjustments
With the Easy-Pull harness system, you can adjust the strap lengths in a flash – even when your child is bundled up in thick winter clothing.

Ergonomic Reclining
The Ba Seat is mounted at a gentle incline, ensuring an ergonomic and back-friendly reclining position. Young Croozer passengers can ride along from infancy.

8-point attachment
The Ba Seat is mounted to the safety frame of the passenger compartment at 8 sites. It absorbs vibrations and ensures a safe and gentle ride.

Informations supplémentaires

  • les parois latérales hautes protègent le bébé et assurent la sécurité nécessaire dans la circulation routière
  • système de harnais rembourré à 5 points


Type d'accessoire

Siège bébé


Ville, Enfants et ados, Trekking

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Modèles de Croozer Kid à partir de 2014


L x H x P : 22 x 72 x 16 cm

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Siège bébé avec appui-tête rembourré


Type : Sangles avec crochets



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